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The Untold Story of failed diplomacy in Kashmir. Hashir Majid

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All Respected Guest
My Name is Hashir Majid I am a grade 11 student in western Canada high School. I would like to thank you, publisher and organizer for providing me an opportunity to talk about the importance of books and reading I would like to extend my gratitude to Sardar Hameed Bashani on the publishing of this book The Untold Story of failed diplomacy in Kashmir.

I have never read this book because it was never written in English and I do hope it is translated to be accessible in the future, but I can talk about is the importance of books. Books are essential in person’s life because they provide knowledge, education and intellectual stimulation. They foster creativity, critical thinking, and help with emotional understanding.
Additionally, books improve relationships, lower stress levels and provide chances for personal development. They offer cultural and historical context, courage lifelong learning and facilitate social interaction and enjoyment.

Additionally, books provide inspiration, motivation and a broader viewpoint making them crucial resources for personal development and enrichment.
I would like to encourage all Urdu readers to read this book and for this to be translated into English for it to be better accessible in the future. I pray for Mr. Bashani’s good health as he is sick these days.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to speak about the importance of books.

Hashir Majid

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